"Run the race with your eyes fixed on Jesus." (Hebrews 12:1-2) ...

Setting the pace for our Christian youth

... filled with youth group games and activities like Five Kernals of Corn, Olympics (pages 55-65) and much more ... 360 pages of activities for Christian Youth.

There is something in it for youth of all ages.

A "One in a Million Book" writes youth leader , Jose Carlos.

Jo writes regarding Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings ... "I think this book is really good and helpful. I first read the online version of the book because i did not want to pay for it. But after reading a couple of program ideas and having a very very successful youth program I totally HAD to get this book. It is well worth the money."

Read more reviews like this one by Jo by clicking ... Activities for Christian youth: Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings

Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meeting (the book)

What would the world be like without

prayer ?

The Chest of Visions desribes such a world and the impact of prayer when it arrived!

Meet youth from two different worlds

Elizabeth Marie review: "In this book we meet youth from two different worlds...Once I opened this book, I couldn't set it down ... I love this book! I think it's perfect for a youth group read and study."

Ann B. Of Readers Favorites Review: "This story was written for young adults; however, I enjoyed it very much. Tim Ferguson is very creative and has found a wonderful way to reach youth."

Click: The Chest of Visions

"Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings" now available for immediate download on Kindle.

This book includes 10 pages of ideas to develop your groups "Youth Olympics"

See more reviews of Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings.

click:Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meeting (the book)

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Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings

Starting the Youth Ministry Journey in Mexico

Hello Tim,

I've just been preparing our first meetings for the youth group, reading your book and translating the lessons, It's been such a blessing; I'm amazed of how well planned are the activities, the lessons and the topics. I'm starting with some ideas to start as the wall, the rules for the group, etc.

This is a wonderful book that provides great guidance on youth ministry activities. It's amazing how well structured it is, and the Bible studies for youth that presents are quite helpful for teaching and discuss Bible truths.

It has activities for different seasons and holidays that are a great resource.

I can surely presence God's work in the author, Tim, through all these years in youth ministry and it's definitely a one in a million book. Besides, the fact that it's hardcover makes it suitable for taking wherever needed without damage.

I like a lot the cover design, very inspiring and meaningful.

May God keep on blessing Tim with wisdom and perseverance to write more books such inspiring like this one. It's a great book,

GOD bless you

Jose Carlos

More about the book of which Jose speaks: Click: Activities for Christian youth: Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings

What will bring faith, fun and friends to Christian youth? Hear what Cara of Goodreads says about

"Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings"

Review: "Wow! Its one of the few realistic and useful youth books I've run across and is recommended for youth pastors and adult volunteers in youth."

Thanks, Cara, for reading and sharing.

See more reviews of Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings.Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meeting (the book)


Book for Christian Teens and their Youth Leaders

'I have had the good fortune of knowing Tim Ferguson for at least a decade. He has the passion to reach young people, which is so key to any successful youth leader. He is deeply committed to relating to and caring for the youth that come into his program and his genuine concern and love have enabled him to be extraordinarily effective "Tim is amazingly creative, coming up with themes and ideas for communicating the gospel to youth that are fresh, fun and above all do the job. He is collaboratively creative, working collectively with both the youth and his other leaders in generating these ideas and themes"

Youth leaders of the caliber of Tim Ferguson are a rare and precious gift. Over the years his passion, creativity, integrity and leadership gifts have inspired me to be a better leader not only to youth but to those with whom I serve in ministry.'

Rev. Kennedy McGowan , First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, Florida

What an invaluable resource:

I have recently purchased the book Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings by Tim Ferguson. I picked up the book the day of Tim's book signing. My purpose for purchasing the book was two fold:

  • Tim is a member of my church and I wanted to support his endeavor
  • I planned on thumbing through it and perhaps pick up some ideas to aid me in teaching Sunday school.

Little did I realize what an invaluable Christian youth resource this book would become to me. As I was looking through the book, I realized how it tied in with our curriculum (I teach the 6th, 7th and 8th grade class). The best part of it is the concrete examples and the step-by-step lesson plans that I just have to follow. I use this book, the Bible, the curriculum and a book on parables and I have one solid, exciting curriculum. Tim did all the work and I just have to follow the lessons he prepared. Currently, we are making our way through Who Do You Say I Am? The kids are interested and so am I as I hear their feedback and their understanding of who they think Jesus is.

I cannot wait to use some of the Christian youth lessons and awesome activities Tim has put in the book. I think this would be a great addition to any Sunday school as well as Christian Youth program.

Cathy Murray,

Read the program, "Whom do you say I am?", which Cathy used in her class on pages 203 to 217: Activities for Christian youth: Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings

Lessons for Christian youth

The ideas here work... Every one has been 'teen-tested.'

Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings is a practical, eminently usable handbook by someone who has devoted himself heart and soul to working with youth. The practicality of the book is its most important feature.

The ideas here work. I know that because I've seen them work.

Every one has been 'teen-tested.'

They shouldn't work, of course. After all, everybody knows today's teens aren't interested in anything serious. Today's teens are ruled entirely by hormones. You can't capture the interest of a teenager today unless you come at them via the Internet or text messaging. Right? Well, if those are the kinds of teens you have in your youth group, then the ideas in this book may not work so well. It's not a book of magic spells that will transform a hoodlum into a choirboy. But if you've got teens like the ones I know - good kids who maybe have short attention spans sometimes, but who also care deeply about the world and about right and wrong -then this book is a treasure house of ideas.

And it's not just a random bunch of ideas. It shows you how a gifted and experienced youth leader plans an entire program. Not everything here will work with every group, of course. Every group is different, and every youth leader has different strengths. But even if you can't use every activity, some of the ideas may inspire you to create your own, adapted to the needs of your particular group.

One of the most useful features is the detailed Appendix, featuring actual skit scripts, questionnaires, etc. Again, this is extremely practical. (One minor quibble: it would have been useful if the Table of Contents included a list of everything in the Appendix.)

I recommend Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings both for youth leaders who are seeking new ideas, and for anyone who is interested in the thought processes behind the planning of a successful youth program... Frank Tangredi

Would you like 360 pages of ideas from "a successful youth program"?

Click: Activities for Christian youth: Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings

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Three Pens Game

What will bring faith, fun and friends to Christian youth? Page 13-14 of "Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings"

Three Pens Game. In this game, the leader sits behind a table, which is bare except for three pens. The pens are randomly set in a design by the youth leader. The youth leader rests one or two hands on the table alongside the three arranged pens. When doing this, one or more fingers are clearly pointed on the table in sight of all observers. The group is asked to determine what number is represented on the table.

It usually takes several attempts for at least one or two youth to discover the solution, which is determined by the number of fingers pointing on the table and not by the arrangement of the pens. The leader must take time before each guess to rearrange the pens carefully to leave the impression that he or she is diligently trying to get the formation of pens just right. The leader should alternate displays of fingers, using one or two hands with a varying number of fingers pointing after each rearrangement of the pens. The longer it takes for everyone to guess how to solve the riddle, the more fun it is, especially for the youth who have already figured out the answer and who usually cannot contain their disbelief that everyone does not get it. Make sure everyone "gets it" some time, even if you have to pound two hands with five extended fingers on the table and call out "ten" for those who continue to struggle.

As simple as this game appears, it has a very important message for the youth group year. Remind youth that the correct answer is obtained when they look at the entire table, the "whole picture," not just the obvious (the pens). Similarly, when we study things of faith, we need to look at them from various segments of Scripture. Paul's views of faith and those of James are different, yet the understanding of each gives us a more complete knowledge of how our faith helps us move forward in all the tasks of our lives.

See more reviews of Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings, 360 pages of activities like the Three Pens Game.Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meeting (the book)

The skit: "The look of love in His eyes" - That was glorious

I have finally got the book - on March 20, 2009 and I now (April 2009) wish to share my review ...

The Book: "Not the same old, Done - it - before Youth Meetings", is a super tool that helps me work out and cover all aspects of a youth leader's vision with planning and preparing. The book intertwines itself with the expected success of the leader and group.

Youth are now living in the time of persistent unrest. They fear and their faces and moods are harder, when compared to that of youth 50 years back. With the type of games in this book - like the Stone - Face - Champion game (aka Ha Ha), we can let them (youth) know it is nice to laugh - to loosen up their soul. For laughter is like a medicine and it tickles our very souls.

This book inspires a youth leader to tirelessly continue fulfilling God's PURPOSE in his/her life - He/she begin to enjoy doing that which God had wanted you do.

This book shows through its many pages that youth can get the highest quantities of fun, pleasure and good times, plus answers to their numerous questions, such as: who actually they are, while being involved in Christian youth activities. They (youth) can do it - just faith, fun, and friends plus we (leaders) who they need to guide them.

This Easter I used the skit: "The look of love in His eyes"

(pages 297-302). That was glorious as everyone in the Church shared tears except for small few.

Whenever I look at that book you sent me I got filled with more inspirations.

Mr. Ferguson, I am overjoyed to receive your wonderful book -filled with joy at a level wherein words can't express. I just want to say: Thanks a million times. You are fuel that is now set to propel me and my actions concerning my ministry. Let us remain in His service and may God continue blessing you.

In His Vineyard,

Horatius, Liberia, West Africa

Book Review from Pakistan Youth Worker

Review of the Book, "Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings". My name is Robin Daud from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am the founder and chairman of one of the leading youth groups in Pakistan, named the Christian Youth Development Organization (CYDO).

The book, "Not the Same old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings" is an exciting, practical, knowledgeable and well composed book that, despite its length (360 pages) I took only ten days to thoroughly study it.

Elements of Excitement: The reader can feel excited by studying chapters like Flashlight Sing, Olympics, Valentine's - Day of Love and Youth Meeting Place. The reader is involved to substantial extent, for example, I reacted enthusiastically to the competition of flashlight singing in which the youth group is divided into teams and each team has to sing a song and so on.

Elements of Practicality: Through this book young people can be encouraged that the Holy Bible is an effective source of hope and redress for young people, e.g. in the lesson "Prayer" the starting verse of the chapter, "And being in agony of mind, he prayed and more earnestly and intently" (Luke 22:44). There are helpful references given alongside it about the Prodigal Son and about the crippled man, etc.

In addition chapters 24-26 entitled "Who do you say I am?", "Where can I find you God?" and "What would you have me do?" ... these chapters, along with the evidences and references are marvelous about the practical aspects of the Lord.

Elements of Knowledge: Apart from excitement and practicality this book is elaborated with knowledge, for instance, chapters like "Study of Angels for teens". In addition the "Lets Ask God" chapter gives techniques to share knowledge and something new for young people.

I would conclude by appreciating great effort from Tim Ferguson and recommend that this book is fruitful especially for youth leaders and workers. I pray that his untiring efforts for the last so many years may bring fruit.

From a Clown for Christ

My name is Mary Ellen and I am a Clown for Christ, among other things

In reading your website, listening to your radio interview and reading your book (over the past several months) I have come to feel so blessed to have known you these 33 years, and in being a part of your life and research (though we didn't know it at the time). Your book demonstrates the growth that comes faith. Praise God that he will never let any of us stay stagnant if we but listen and obey.

Your book is a great asset for me as a Professional Clown who has been Commissioned to Spread the Word in Greasepaint. You can know with certainty that I will be using many of the games, etc. as Smiley the Clown plays the Holy Fool for Christ!

Rwanda Youth Worker Review

My name is Victor. I am living in Kigali / Rwanda / central Africa.

I am a Christian youth leader and Secondary School fellowship leader in our country during 7 years, nowadays: One among Church Leader and one among association against poverty leader.

In this interesting book, I learned a lot of things from it. As a young man, a youth leader, I so helped myself whereby I'm going to help my fellow Christians using this book. In the book I'm glad of it because I grew spiritual from the strong topics which I went through. I especially liked how you can use youth, grouped together, to go deeply into any topic and learn from them by using games/ life experiences.

I learned about Thanksgiving, how vertically I got a reason to thank God. The teaching from 2 Peter 1:5-78 about needed qualities and how God expects those who are filled with His Spirit to use those qualities (Matthew 26) were some of the most meaningful lessons and activities in the book.

Lastly when I went through the Angels Teen Lesson, I came to understand the meaning of angels and about modern day angels. I appreciate you supporting my ministry by sharing these hidden, richest teachings and I promise to help my fellow youth to know God, where we can find Him and ways we can listen to His still, small voice. Let me thank you for this precious book and may God bless you much.

Learn more about the "precious" book of Christian youth group activities which Mary Ellen and Victor have described.
Please click here: Activities for Christian youth

Book Release

'My goal was to write the book for Christian teens I wanted to have when I started Christian Youth Programs over thirty years ago.'

Tim Ferguson, Community Presbyterian Church, Deer Park, NY


Please take a moment to visit by clicking the below link.

Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meeting (the book)

See the history page to learn of the special people who motivated me and assisted in this project.

June 11, 2007


Tim Ferguson
Larry Winkler, WOCA Radio, Ocala, Florida

Larry:" When I read this book. I realized this is really, really, well done. You can tell by his exuberance, his enthusiasm, that he has been a real blessing to the youth he has worked with for over thirty years... Tim, what does a young person get from a youth meeting?"

Tim: "We want to challenge them to move forward in their faith and to learn how to apply that faith."

Larry Winkler

Tim Ferguson


Do you go on field trips ...


I mentioned the regular one that we do a couple of times a year, into New York City working with a soup kitchen ... we've gotten a name for ourselves: we committed ourselves to do a certain Saturday afternoon in (January) 2005 and committed about four months before, realizing it might be cold ... we did not know ... we'd be serving them in the middle of a blizzard and this is an outdoor soup kitchen and there literally were fifty people standing in line in the middle of that blizzard waiting for us.


Well, Tim ... did you ever have a "hard nut to crack"


Let me share a story that did happen ... a thirteen year old boy who refused to talk to anybody, social workers, teachers, anybody... His mother said, "Good luck to you" and we talked a little and (she said) he doesn't want to come out and talk... I said, "I'm going to talk to him anyhow". She said, "Go right in there that's his room.... his room was filled with garbage, two feet high, just junk, by garbage I mean litter,... beds, pillows, sheets, all over the place, papers, chairs upside down ... I saw a little movement underneath the garbage ... I came here to talk to you ... I know you don't want to talk to me, so let me just talk to you and I started telling him about the things I do with youth... I said,"I'll see you next week" ... I came back next week and he was sitting in the living room ready to talk to me.


Your book allows others to tap into your expeience ... it's almost like a recipe book...


You want to do something about sports... well I've got two or three places where I've done scriptural things about sports, forinstance, Jacob's wrestling match with God.You've got a bunch of kids that are into wrestling that's on t.v.; and say, "You know, that's not the first time we have wrestling; we have it in Genesis" and Jacob's wrestling match (with God) is both a physical and spiritual experience. It gives you a nice lead into things of faith.

More ideas ... try our newly formed website .... Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings: Site Two at ... Site Two